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Summer Friends was a hit!

Children's Flamingo Ministry - November 26th

This is a special service project for the Children’s Ministry here at Bethany. The whole family is invited to come and participate. We will be writing encouraging notes to someone who needs some uplifting and put them around the necks of some pink plastic lawn flamingos. Then we’ll carpool over to their house and put out as many flamingos as we can. This is a ministry to bring encouragement, hope, and Christ’s love.
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About Tuesday Club

Tuesday Club runs for 5 weeks in the fall and 5 weeks in the spring.  Each Tuesday, kids in kindergarten – 5th grade will actively engage their faith together as well as participate in either a creative or active track where they will learn and enjoy a skill, sport or hobby.

Sunday School

Children, pre-school – 5th grade, are invited to join us for a light breakfast each week followed by The Gospel Project. They will be a part of an exciting and interactive “Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture”.   

Nursery Care

Children, infants – 4 years old, are welcome to join us in a safe, secure and Christ-centered environment where they will be cared for by our qualified staff & volunteers. 

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Nursery FAQ

What is the appropriate age for me to start bringing my child to Bethany's nursery?

We welcome children at any age, but recommend that they are about 3 months old and have begun to develop a stronger immune system. We have noticed that children who are dropped off prior to 8 months old are much less likely to experience separation anxiety.

When should I not leave my child in the nursery?
Children must be symptom-free from the following illness without medication for 24 hours before entering the classroom:

  • Fever of 100 or higher
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye or other eye infection)
  • Rash
  • Nasal drainage that is green or yellow
  • Sore throat
  • Open sores
  • Cold
  • Excessive coughing
  • Lice

If a child develops any of these symptoms while in class, the parent will be paged to pick up the child. If a parent cannot be reached via cell phone or our paging system, the child will stay outside of the class with the nursery staff or volunteer.

How does nursery drop-off and pick-up work?

  • Every parent is required to create a profile for their family on our computer system. This system generates our name tags.
  • Every parent must print off a name tag for their child and its corresponding security tag prior to leaving their child in the nursery. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized people from accessing children.
  • Once the name tag is printed, affix it to the child’s back. Parents should retain the security tag portion as it is required for in order to pick up your child(ren). This security number may also be used to page parents in the sanctuary if their child is in need of extra attention in the nursery.

Security for Child Pick Up

  • As mentioned above, each child receives a name tag and security tag prior to Nursery/Pre-School Sunday School. Parents must retain the security tag portion. No adult can pick up a child without the corresponding security tag without direct consent and supervision of the nursery staff.
What items should I bring to the nursery?
  • Label all of your child’s belongings, including diaper bags, cups, bottles, pacifiers, etc.
  • Please leave all toys and dolls at home as they can get lost or cause other children to be upset.
  • All bottles must be pre-mixed. Nursery workers are not allowed to mix formula for health and sanitation reasons.
  • We do provide a snack for children who are able to eat solid foods. We do our best to provide an allergy-friendly snack. However, if your child has allergies, please check with the nursery staff prior to leaving your child.
Who will care for my child?
Nursery classes are led by a combination of weekly staff and volunteers. Because we want to provide the best care for your child, we closely monitor the adult-child ratio in each classroom. Should a classroom go over the appropriate ratio, the nursery staff will ask parents to volunteer. On occasion, a classroom may be closed. A lesson is taught to our 2-4 year-olds each week by a designated teacher, who will use TruBlessings 3 curriculum.

Staff and Volunteers are required to complete all required background checks.

Youth must be at least 12 years old to work in the nursery.

In the event that there are last minute volunteers who have not been screened, they will be approved by the nursery staff and placed with a volunteer or staff member who has had a background check. Volunteers are entrusted to teach the children of Bethany about the Gospel. We ask that volunteers commit themselves to the responsibility of building a strong, spiritual foundation in the hearts of the children.

What if my child has separation anxiety?
Some children have a difficult time initially separating from their parents, but we hope you’ll find encouragement knowing that this natural developmental phase is brief. Our nursery workers are compassionate and are willing to help your child overcome their anxiety.

We allow parents to stay with their child for no more than three weeks. During this period, you will become familiar with how our nursery is organized and run. If separation anxiety continues past this point, we will work with you to begin our graduated system of separation, which has helped children ranging from infancy to preschool. Parents follow a pattern of gradually increasing the separation time from their kids. Our graduated approach to separation:

  • Quick drop off at the classroom gate, no lingering,
  • Tell your child that you will return in “10” minutes, and return as promised each week.
  • Upon your return, stay in the classroom with your child for the remainder of the class time.
  • The following weeks you will follow the same routine, increasing the time away by 5-10 minutes each week.

This process usually takes 3-5 weeks. Graduated separation helps us work with you to teach your child that you will always come back to take care of them. It also enables you to begin attending the worship service without worrying about your child. They are in good hands and learning about our great God!
Here are a few more tips for easing separation anxiety:

  • Ensure that your child is well rested, healthy, and fed prior to the church service.
  • Stay calm and assured during the separation.  Since children naturally absorb insecurities, remain confident in your child and in the nursery workers’ care.
  • Leave in a timely manner.  Belaboring the process accentuates emotions.
  • Develop a special goodbye routine.  It could be a silly tickle, a high five, a hug, kisses in the hand to keep, kisses thrown in the air to catch, or a favorite phrase such as “See you later Alligator.”  Say goodbye in this way on a regular basis.
  • Realize that this is a natural developmental phase.
  • Pray for your child before the separation and during the church service.
  • Celebrate small victories and encourage your child in love.

Please know that if your child is upset, struggling or if there are discipline problems, we will contact you by texting you or displaying your security tag number on screens in the sanctuary.

Where can I breast feed my child?
Behind the glass of the balcony section, there are two chairs provided for nursing purposes. However, if you prefer to nurse in a more private area, you are welcome to nurse your child In our nursery, where there is a designated area that mothers may use. Mothers are also welcome to come to our nursery if their child needs to be fed during class time.
How does the nursery handle allergies and other chronic health conditions?
If your child has any allergies or special conditions, please explain them to the nursery staff member. For allergies, make sure that a note about the allergy has been made in the check-in account. If the allergy is correctly notated in the system, an “A” will appear on the printed name tag.  For children with severe allergies requiring an epi-pen, please give it to the nursery staff person.
What is the adult-to-child ratio in the nursery?
The nursery has a unique adult-to-child ratio, based on the number of children and the developmental needs represented of each age group.


Infants/Crawlers:  1 adult:3 children

Walkers:   1 adult:4 children

Two’s: 1 adult:5 children
Because we want to provide the best care for your child, we closely monitor the adult-child ratio in each classroom. Should a classroom go over the appropriate ration, the nursery staff will ask parents to volunteer. On occasion, a classroom may be closed.

There is a Two-Adult rule in place for all classrooms. This means there should always be two adults, at least one of whom is a woman, present while children are there. This is to protect the children from the possibility of abuse and to protect the adults from false accusations. If there is a situation in which there is only one adult, the door to the room should be open.

What happens to my child if the fire alarm goes off?
If the fire alarm sounds while parents are in the service, they must follow the evacuation instructions out of the sanctuary. Parents flooding the childcare area will cause congestion and prevent the children from being able to safely evacuate the building.

All volunteers/supervisors/teachers are aware of the plan to follow in case of an emergency. The supervisors will be responsible for getting everyone out of the building and helping people to follow the evacuation plans in their designated areas.

In the event of an emergency, the building evacuation plan for infants and children from the nursery is as follows:

•          Ambulatory Children – Deputy Fire Wardens and assistants will evacuate children via the outside exit and out onto the sidewalk peninsula in the parking lot of the ORMOND AVENUE side of the building. Staff and Children will then proceed in a calm, organized manner to the rendezvous location on ORMOND AVENUE (far sidewalk island near the alley way). Communication will be made by 2 way radio between children’s ministry staff to establish progress and status.

•          Parents will pick up their children at the sidewalk peninsula in the parking lot on the ORMOND AVENUE side of the building. Parents should not go to children’s areas.

•          Evacuating staff and volunteers will NOT return to the Ministry center until an “all clear” has been transmitted by the fire department or the fire safety staff.

•          Make sure that no one is left in the areas where you are serving. CLOSE THE DOORS as you exit rooms but do not lock them. Move briskly to outside evacuation areas.

•          Accounting for children: Staff/Teachers will have attendance sheets with them. Teachers and Children’s Ministry staff should check attendance once outside at the sidewalk peninsula on Ormond Avenue.

Does the nursery have a security policy?
In order to keep our nursery secure, we require all people to have their printed security tag(s) that they received when they dropped of their child(ren). In order to enter the nursery, parents or guardians must present the security tag they receive at check-in. Adults without a security tag will not be permitted into the nursery unless escorted by a staff member.

Information about children, staff and volunteers in the nursery may not be distributed for any reason without appropriate consent.

How do I enroll my child in the nursery?
When you arrive at our building, please go to the Nursery on the first floor where Bethany Nursery Staff can register your family. You will need to provide the following information:

•          Parent/Guardian name, date of birth, email, cell phone number

•          Child’s name, date of birth, allergy information

A staff member will be available to help you if needed.

Once your child is registered, you may print name tags and security tags. Your child must wear this name tag in order to be permitted to the nursery. Please retain your child’s corresponding security tag, which is necessary for pick-up and also serves as a paging code if your child needs assistance during class time. This security code changes each week.

When you return to Bethany, you will be able to easily sign your child into class by typing in your child’s name and printing your new tags.

My child has special needs. May I still bring him/her to the nursery?
Bethany Children’s Ministry is committed to caring for children with special needs as long as volunteers can keep all of the children safe and comfortable. Please inform a staff person that your child has special needs and discuss with the staff person any special instructions for caring for child. Please stay with your child for several weeks in order to become acquainted with the classroom environment. During this time, please help the staff and volunteers understand any routines and practices that will help your child get the most out of Nursery or Pre-School Sunday School. We welcome suggestions for how we can best serve your family.
Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about Bethany's nursery?

For more information about our classes, programming or other concerns, please contact the Nursery Coordinator, Mackenzie Bancroft (

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