A workshop driven VBS experience for your child

Summer friends is a unique vacation bible school experience that Bethany has been offering for over ten years.  Your child gets to choose two workshops that have been developed around a creative learning experience that is just for them.  Combined with an interactive bible lesson plan and interactive live worship, this is a week that your child will never forget.

The Summer Friends Workflow:

Check-In > Club Time (Sanctuary) > Bible Talk > Workshop A > Workshop B > Parent Parade (Dismissal from Sanctuary)

What to Expect

After registering online, on the day of Summer Friends (July 14th @ 5:45 PM), your child should obtain his/her nametag from our Check-In station.  From there they should head into the sanctuary and find the sanctuary pew posted with their ‘Workshop A’ selection that is listed on their name tag.  At about 6 PM we will kick off Summer Friends with Club Time.  Then they will head into Bible Talk, Workshop A, Workshop B, and meet you or designated pickup adult back in the sactuary for the Parent Parade.


Get Registered!

 Summer Friends 2019 Registration Expires THIS Thursday at 11PM