Bethany Kids Ministry

Here at Bethany, it is our desire to partner with families to establish a foundation for a lifestyle that involves discipleship, fellowship, and service; that cultivates a heart for knowing and studying the Bible as a natural and normal part of their lives and leads them to live a Christ-like life. Developing culture and community requires both fluidity and structure. Recognizing that we serve a local demographic that is often transient, we are seeking to equip families with tools that will point them to Christ, whether or not they are actively engaged with the Bethany family. Therefore, what we hope to provide is not a checklist or a syllabus for faith-achievement but instead a culture and a way of life that will establish meaningful patterns and values. Those patterns and values are intended to create rhythms that will continue to build and influence a culture of faith throughout their entire liv

Ministry During Covid

During this unique time, we have adapted and reimagined many of our ministries in order that we might still minister to kids and their families. All of our programs and events have been designed in an attempt to provide for the needs of families at home. We have put together many virtual and digital resources that you can enjoy as a family at home. There are also some great in-person events that have been structured to maintain social distancing and other safety procedures. Whether families are staying home or engaging in safe community we are so excited to minister to you and remind you that you are loved by Jesus and the Bethany family.